Boomers & Seniors Downsizing.

Just imagine…

You have lived in a home for years, you have seen your family grow up in the home, create memories, and become a part of a neighborhood and community.

However, with the kids gone and working days behind you, the house maintenance getting overwhelming, your increasing desire to travel it might be time to consider downsizing as an option and the next step in life.

The Red Door Homes Group understands that considering downsizing can be a big decision with many moving parts, that is why we have a Certified Transition Coach on our team which allows us to assist clients in reaching Real Estate decisions that better their lives!

Why people downsize?

Couples and individuals downsize for many reasons with the most common being:

  1. Home layout & Physical Abilities – as we age stairs get harder to go up and down and the layout of a home can be prohibitive to everyday life. This includes the layout of bathrooms, kitchens and entries and exits of a home.

  2. House maintenance – Homes are a lot of work! From yards to roofs there are so many items that need to be addressed and sometimes it is easier for people to consider living in a condo where maintenance is taken care of by someone else!

  3. Time to cash out- Some have seen their investment appreciate and given market conditions the time might be right to realize the gains and put them to use.

  4. Adult communities- More and more boomers and seniors are considering communities where they are surrounded by friends their own age.


If you or a loved one might be considering downsizing and would like someone to chat to that  understands that downsizing is not a “one size fits all” option then call the Red Door Homes Group at  604-999-4587 for a complimentary consultation!

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