Family Estate Sales.

The passing of a family member is most commonly an emotional time and is an experience can leave family and friends in a state of shock and with several unknowns. It is during this time that the sage advice of a professional is most important.

The Red Door Homes Group has both personal and career experience when it comes to estate sales after the passing of a loved one and it is our personal experience that led us to create a process to better help families and individuals that are in the position of dealing with inherited property.

Since Real Estate can be a contentious issue after the passing of a family member Rhiannon Foster developed a process that has proven to help families and individuals navigate this difficult time while ensuring that all parties are informed, comfortable and understand their options.

To enhance this process, in 2015, Rhiannon became a CTC, Certified Transition Coach so that she could give her clients the best support possible.

“What options do I have with inherited property?”

Dealing with inherited property is different for each individual and family so the Red Door Homes Group conducts a in depth look at family and individual goals to ensure that all needs are met.

The 4 most common way of dealing with inherited property are:

  1. Keep the property in the family

  2. Rent the property out and treat it as an investment property

  3. Have your family/ You move in

  4. Sell the property


If you or a friend are in need of the professional and sage advice of a Realtor who understands not only the process but the emotion with inherited property then call the Red Door Homes Group at 604-999-4587 for your complimentary consultation. 

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