First-Time Home Buyers.

For a First-Time Home Buyer, the process of purchasing a home or condo can be very exciting, stressful and overwhelming since it is likely one of the largest purchases you will ever make!

First-Time Home Buyers need a trusted professional to walk them through all the right steps that will lead them to a successful purchase.

That is why the Red Door Homes Group First-Time Home Buyer plan is tailored to each client to help them reach their Real Estate goals.

The in-depth process touches on these and many other items:

  • Establishing great rapport and a collaborative working relationship

  • Assessing Clients Finances- getting pre-approved for a mortgage or helping to establish a plan to get into the market

  • Assessing government programs that may assist in the cost of purchasing

  • Identifying and discussing the individual steps and process of a home purchase

  • Getting down to the “why”- what is the motivation for wanting to become a homeowner

  • Understanding exactly what clients want and if it is attainable

  • Setting up a communication strategy that works- not all people communicate the same

  • Setting up a strategic timeline to help clients reach their Real Estate goals

  • Starting the education process – learning terminology, getting familiar with the market, affordability

If you or a friend are thinking of home ownership then make an informed decision and call the Red Door Homes Group at 604-999-4587 to take your next best step!