Physical & Mental Challenges.

Accessible homes and their features are becoming increasingly popular as veterans return home, families care for older parents and zoning and bylaw changes are made in cities. However, there are still several challenges that the mobility challenged section of the population face when buying or selling a home.

Realtors®, in general, are not very knowledgeable about accessible buildings or the challenges that a disabled person might face in a living space.

The Red Door Homes Group understands that when buying or selling a home it requires additional:

*upfront research in communities and neighborhoods

*time for showings and meetings

*research into layouts and basic features

*understanding and care


For individuals living with conditions such as Anxiety there are also large barriers to overcome when reaching Real Estate Goals.

*There is Fear of the unknown 

*The Fact that you are involved in an unfamiliar process

*There can be anxiety around leaving your familiar space

*The uncertainty of being able to handle the shear volume of work when it comes to moving

*There might be concerns about whether friends will visit or you will have to make new ones

*There is the possibility of regret.

The Red Door Homes Group is pleased to offer the services of a Certified Transitions Coach in Rhiannon Foster. She has the knowledge and the skills to put in place strategies for success built of a platform of communication and compassion.


If you or a loved one are considering the purchase or sale of a home and may be faced with physical or mental challenges please feel free to call the Red Door Homes Group at 604-999-4587 for a confidential and complimentary meeting to see how we can help.

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