What is Transitional Real Estate?

We get asked that question a lot!

Real Estate, no matter what side of the transaction you are on, can be an emotional, confusing and stressful process without adding any other external factors. Rhiannon Foster designed Transitional Real Estate as a response to helping individuals and families who were going through highly emotional or excited times when trying to achieve Real Estate Goals.

It was the passing of her Grandmother, Dylis, and the sale of her childhood home that helped Rhiannon to  realize that the Real Estate market was undeserved when it came to truly helping clients in sentimental and sensitive times.

That was when she set out to develop a means to ensure that clients in trying and stressful times got the care and compassion they deserved. 

The specifically designed and tailored processes that we use with all our clients include communication plans, Strategic Sale or Purchase Plans and Real Estate Goal Discovery.

To enhance this offering Rhiannon is a a CTC -Certified Transition Coach and a SRES -Seniors Real Estate Specialist, these designations afford her another level of understanding and ability to connect and communicate with clients.

Individuals and families that benefit from the in depth and comprehensive services that the Red Door Homes Group provide need a high level of care, excellent follow up communication and compassion and are generally:

* First-time home buyers where there is excitement and nervousness and fear.

*Those dealing with Estate sales where selling a family home after the passing of family member.

*Couples divorcing or separating who need discretion, compassion and patience.

*Families that have special needs to accommodate such as disabilities.

*Seniors and Boomers who are downsizing from the family home.

*Individuals with disorders such as Anxiety

If you or a family member are looking for the detailed and experienced level of service I provide call the Red Door Homes Group at 604-999-4587 as we would be happy to sit down, chat and see how we can assist you with your Real Estate Goals.